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Suddenly, your employees are genius at using their health benefits

Enrollment is over! Now what? Do employees and dependents understand their plans? Do they know how and when to access cost-saving options like telehealth, preferred providers and other programs you built into your model? With a personalized mobile app from Capsci employees know the options, costs and other important information they need at the point of choice.

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Capsci is a benefit engagement platform



Capsci gives employees and dependents better tools for making decisions about how and where to access care, completely personalized for their situation and location.



Capsci makes it easy for employees to keep track of their own ID cards, plan details and financial information. When difficult questions arise, Capsci helps route the call to the right place with a click.



Capsci improves the performance of corporate health plans, increasing financial results and workforce satisfaction. Capsci gives companies greater visibility and insight into how benefits are used.

The benefit lifecycle

The benefit lifecycle The benefit lifecycle

It takes a small army of benefit specialists, brokers, consultants, HR staff and more to get a company through the planning and enrollment phases each year. Companies are offering a greater selection of plan choices and implementing more cost-containment strategies than ever. This additional complexity will pay off only if employees use their benefits as designed.

Capsci focuses on the benefit use phase of the cycle and on improving key use metrics: engagement, utilization and cost control. Employees and dependents prefer accessing their health benefit information on a mobile device raising engagement. Telehealth and other programs are available through a single sign-on boosting utilization rates and employees get financial cues at the point of choice increasing savings.


& cloud

Employees expect an experience like mobile banking – secure, personal and powerful. Capsci mobile apps help your employees take action without getting lost trying to find information they need to make smart choices.

Capsci’s mobile apps are supported by a powerful cloud platform that securely receives and holds data flows such as eligibility and directory information. The cloud platform recognizes each user and delivers a personalized experience based on their benefit selections, account information, location, etc.