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Accenture’s Solution to the Doctor Shortage

Accenture looked at the doctor shortage in a new report. Their conclusion – virtual care needs to be combined with in-person visits to form a new gold standard of care. Doing this will save $10B and get the equivalent of 37,000 doctors in added efficiency.

Bringing virtual tools and actionable information to members is Capsci’s mission. We agree with Accenture and believe this is the only way to achieve a triple aim – greater access, lower costs and better outcomes. We refer to this as patient driven, technology assisted work flows.

Accenture looked at three applications of these technology assisted work flows: an office visit; ongoing patient management; and, patient self management. In each case mobile applications combine with remote communication and data exchange to dramatically increase efficiency, convenience and quality of care.

Capsci is focused on forward-looking Payors who grasp the potential of using tools like ours. Our early customers have effectively partnered with their members and providers to establish new care models. As Accenture points out, the reward is huge and the benefit is shared by everyone.