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This week I travelled to Minneapolis from Portland. I’m sure you’ve been through the same drill: I used Orbitz to find and buy the best flight; a non-stop on Delta. The Delta App on my phone allowed me to check-in the day before, display my boarding pass for security and boarding. Notices kept me up to date on the flights status. Compared to 20 years ago, when I would have had to deal with an agent and paper tickets on airline ticket stock, dealing with the logistics of my trip was easy and cheap.

Healthcare IT promises similar cost savings and convenience. But there’s a bonus in the case of healthcare, well executed tools can improve health and outcomes in addition to saving cost.

This was the motivation to start Capsci. Capsci was created to provide technology based tools for health care payers that deliver on this promise: increase access, lower costs and improve outcomes. Healthcare may be the slowest industry to adopt new technology, but it will benefit the most.